4 weeks down…Phew!

4 weeks down…Phew!

I have started writing this at 5am on day 27 of Rattle’s life (I am publishing on day 28). Having heard many stories of epic battles (I imagine Superman and General Zod in Man of Steel finale where Metropolis gets smashed up) to get newborns settled, I am grateful Rattle generally seems to nod off pretty quickly after the 3am feed, of which I am the proud master. However I have found myself for the vast majority of the last 27 days staring at her post feed, having the same inner monologue;

“Is she still asleep?”
“Are you sure? What’s all the grunting about then, she sounds like a tennis player.”
“I have no idea…should I wake Dress. She’ll know what to do.”
“No, no. I can work this out…”

…one Google later…

“So according to the top 2 Google results, looks like that is normal. Phew! Is she asleep though?”
“Yes. She is definitely sleeping. Eyes closed and seems still….oh hang…she seems too still…she’s stopped breathing.”
“What!? She was breathing 10 seconds ago!”
“Oh wait…. it’s ok she is breathing again”

Is she asleep?
Tie & Dress... Pre Rattle
Pre Rattle: Tie & Dress

And so that continues for around an hour every night. After the obligatory milk dribble, I convince myself that a) she is sleeping, b) she is breathing and c) the grunts are normal and decide to go to sleep myself.

Now, Dress and I have a level of “wanting-to-know-it-all-ness” (cough…OCD…cough) which resulted in Dress reading every book going on pregnancy, labour and delivery as well as doing antenatal classes to know what the bejesus was going to happen on delivery day and the aftermath of actually having a small human to take home and look after. Even feeling relatively prepared…as a slight aside, both Dress and I are reasonably intelligent, have good jobs, yada yada…there are alarmingly high levels of “Is this normal?” that we verbalise (and probably don’t verbalise) on a daily basis. As I have said until I am blue in the face, “Literally billions of people have done this before, so we will be fine”, however this doesn’t stop us as new parents, and I am sure every new parent goes through the same thing, having the never-ending feeling of whether everything is ok or not.

If you have got this far you are likely wondering, what’s the point of this blog. I don’t read a lot of blogs so it is some stretch on my part to think several people may even read this or even more of a stretch to think they may be remotely interested in my general musings. Recently it dawned on me, that in some form or another, I have been studying and working since the age of 17. Now in my mid 30s, I have taken a break from work to spend the first months together as a family. That is a big step being somewhat of a workaholic. So this blog is essentially my project to give me something to do…you know…in all the free time I keep getting told I won’t have. Life as a new father, spending 100% of his time with his wife and baby –  definitely not doing any work, conference calls, spreadsheets or powerpoint! Now I didn’t think this was enough to be consistently interesting, so I thought to sprinkle in a few other passions; Fashion and Technology, though I’ll probably end up blogging about anything; the Seinfeld of blogs perhaps. Or is that what you call a lifestyle blog? I will offer my opinions on all of these elements and hopefully you find some part interesting.

This is the first intro blog, but there will be much more to follow. You can also follow the adventures of Rattle & Tie (and Dress) on Instagram – www.instagram.com/rattleandtie – and Facebook – www.facebook.com/rattleandtie.  

Happy reading!

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  1. will see how long this lasts 🙂 I started one and promised to blog daily but 3 months in and not as many as first thought id do.

  2. Krish

    Fabulous blog kapil! Look forward to reading more!

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